CANopen (FD) Libraries for PEAK

An evaluation version of the self-configuring

CANopen Controller is available for download.

CANopen (FD) Libraries for PEAK

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Product no.: COSW-PCDEV

The CANopen PC Developer's Kit is a system allowing custom CANopen based PC applications to be quickly and easily developed. The kit consists of a professional CANopen DLL and a professional PEAK CAN driver DLL along with documentation, a C header file and library/import files for two popular PC development systems. The CANopen DLL implements the CANopen functionality and in turn uses the PEAK CAN driver DLL to communicate with the CAN interface.

Our software includes one year of support (by email) and updates (download from our server using an activation code). Direct extensions (extension starts with the end of the previous support period) are available for one, two or three years.

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Product no.: ES-SFT-PCBDL

This product bundle consists of the CANopen Magic Ultimate software pack and the CANopen Magic Pro DLL for building custom test applications.

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Product no.: COLIB-COIA-MGR

The CANopen Controller library (CANopenIA-MGR) by EmSA implements a self-configuring, minimal, easy-to-use CANopen manager and master. It offers a host system easy and instant access to an entire CANopen network. The library uses the PEAK Basic DLL and can therefore be used on any Microsft Windows(R) system with installed PCAN drivers.

An evaluation version of the self-configuring CANopen Controller including manual is available for download.

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Only available with licence agreement. Volume price in range of 3€ to 15€

Product no.: ES-FWIA-MM-10

CANopen and CANopen FD software option for PCAN-MicroMod FD modules from PEAK Systemtechnik.

After activatiation (using PCAN-MicroMod Config Tool), modules can be directly used in CANopen or CANopen FD networks as generic I/O modules.

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Product no.: ES-FWRT-BR-10-10

As CANopen and CANopen FD can not be mixed on the same physical media, the large number of existing off-the-shelf CANopen devices can not directly be used on new CANopen FD networks.

Our Smart Bridge FD solves this problem: without the need for any configuration, the self-learning bridge automatically detects connected CANopen (FD) devices and does not only forward CANopen (FD) messages as needed, it also executes protocol conversions where required.

The conversions also includes translating service protocols with up to 64 CAN FD data bytes per frame to segmented classical CAN data frames with a maximum of 8 data bytes per frame.

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