CANopen Analog 1 I/O

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Technical Specifications

  • CANopen DS401 General I/O compatible
  • Communication through high-speed CAN
  • Operating voltage: 11 - 30 V
  • Aluminium casing with spring terminal connectors. Optional DIN rail fixing option available

8 analog inputs with the following properties:

  • Pull-down circuit
  • Measuring range unipolar, 0 - 5 V (10 bit)
  • Measuring range extension optional
  • Protection against under- and overvoltages
  • Parallel connection of one digital input each (alternative use, e.g. for keys)

4 analog outputs with the following properties:

  • Voltage range 0 - 10 V (based on 8 bit PWM)
  • Output current 15 mA per channel
  • Short-circuit protection
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