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"Embedded Networking with CAN and CANopen"
by Olaf Pfeiffer, Andrew Ayre and Christian Keydel.

Part 1: “Using CANopen” by Olaf Pfeiffer
This part focuses on CANopen up to the system integrator level. Any technician or engineer that needs to be able to configure and/or maintain a CANopen network will find the required knowledge to do so in this part. The last chapter in this part contains a step-by-step example of a network configuration and test cycle.

  • Understanding Embedded Networking Requirements 
  • The CANopen Standard 
  • CANopen Beyond DS301 
  • CANopen Configuration Example

Part 2: “CANopen Engineering” by Chris Keydel
This is the part for engineers that either just need to have a detailed knowledge of how CAN and CANopen work or that actually develop their own CANopen devices. Different implementation methods are introduced and compared with each other.

  • Underlying Technology: CAN 
  • Implementing CANopen

Part 3 “CANopen Reference” by Andrew Ayre
A pure reference section for all CANopen users. Key elements of CANopen are summarized in a way that allows a quick look-up. The core of this part is an Object Dictionary reference listing all Object Dictionary entries specified by the CiA CANopen standards DS301 and DS302.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Physical Layer
  • Data Types
  • The Object Dictionary
  • Minimal Object Dictionaries
  • Communication Object Identifiers (COB IDs)
  • Emergency Objects
  • SDO Abort Messages
  • Node States
  • CANopen Glossary (provided by CiA)

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