Product no.: ES-DIAG-MINI

Minimal hand-held CANopen diagnostic tool for passive and active diagnostics as well as optional simulation of CANopen devices. Supports CiA 447.

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Product no.: ES-SFT-COXM

The CANopen Logxaminer is a tool for examining CANopen trace log files. Popular file formats from Vector, PEAK and ESAcademy are supported. The Logxaminer generates statistics (overall and per node) as well as a dedicated event listing of system events.

Our software includes one year of support (by email) and updates (download from our server using an activation code). Direct extensions (extension starts with the end of the previous support period) are available for one, two or three years.

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Product no.: CP-C447-CNCT

CiA 447 Connector with one female and one male 18 pin CiA 447 connector. Only 4 signals connected are permanent 12V (white), ground (brown), CAN low (green) and CAN high (white).

Made in Germany.

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