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CANgineBerry - Active CANcrypt and CANopen module for Raspberry Pi and other embedded computing plattforms.

The connection to the host system uses only four pins: Two for power (5 V) and two for the UART. The four-pin header row directly matches the Raspberry Pi pin layout, but also other common connectors, such as popular USB-to-UART converter chips/modules, if the correct voltage levels are used (5 V supply, 3.3 V signals).

Technical data

The CANgineBerry is equipped with a custom bootloader allowing the installation of one of the firmware packages provided by Embedded Systems Academy. Check our web page for available firmware packages.

  • Two LEDs (green and red) indicate the network connection status.
  • EEPROM to store configuration data.
  • CAN termination configuration by jumper.
  • Based on a Cortex-M0 microcontroller.

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