Smart Bridge CANopen to CANopen FD

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As CANopen and CANopen FD can not be mixed on the same physical media, the large number of existing off-the-shelf CANopen devices can not directly be used on new CANopen FD networks.

Our Smart Bridge FD solves this problem: without the need for any configuration, the self-learning bridge automatically detects connected CANopen (FD) devices and does not only forward CANopen (FD) messages as needed, it also executes protocol conversions where required.

The conversions also includes translating service protocols with up to 64 CAN FD data bytes per frame to segmented classical CAN data frames with a maximum of 8 data bytes per frame.


The Gateway FD is based on PEAK’s PCAN-Router FD and available in two versions. The difference between the two is the connector used. One uses the common CAN plug D-Sub 9 pin, one for each CAN interface. The other uses a 10pin industrial Phoenix screw terminal for both ports.

The operating voltage supply can be in the range from 8V to 30V. The operating temperature range is from -40 to 85 °C (-40 to 185 °F).


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CANopen (FD) Digital 1 I/O (low-side) CANopen (FD) Digital 1 I/O (low-side)
296.00 € *

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CANopen (FD) Digital 2 I/O (high-side) CANopen (FD) Digital 2 I/O (high-side)
296.00 € *

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CANopen (FD) Analog 1 I/O CANopen (FD) Analog 1 I/O
365.00 € *

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CANopen (FD) DR Digital 1 I/O CANopen (FD) DR Digital 1 I/O
280.00 € *

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