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Product no.: ES-LIC-MCOP

Comercial user licence for MicroCANopen Plus including a single licence of CANopen Architect EDS for configuration.

Product no.: ES-LIC-MCODYN

Extension of MicroCANopen Plus source code: adding extended PDO functionality. Dynamic PDO mapping (configure PDO contents at run-time) and multi-mapping (allow one Object Dictionary entry to be mapped to mutliple PDOs). Extended Object Dictionary access (remote access), for example using a serial port and switching between alternative Object Dictionaries, supporting different variants that can change during startup.

Product no.: ES-LIC-MCOMGR

Extension of MicroCANopen Plus source code: adding Manager functionality. Reception and management of all Heartbeats and Emergencies, SDO Client functionality with automated identifification and scanning of newly detected nodes, LSS Master and MicroLSS Master (LSS FastScan).

Product no.: ES-LIC-MCO447

Extension of MicroCANopen Plus source code: adding CiA447 examples for the implementation of "car add-on devices". Requires MicroCANopen plus and Manager extension.

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