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Chips programmed with CANopenIA firmware

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Product no.: ESS-COIA-CO

Chip Features

  • 48-pin LQFP package (9 x 9 mm2)
  • Industrial temperature (–40 to 85 °C) range
  • 12 MHz external oscillator leads to an internal operating frequency of 48 MHz
  • I2C interface to connect the configuration EEPROM
  • Two SPI interfaces to connect external D/A and A/D converters
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With customer-specific CANopen software on request

Product no.: ESS-COIA-SK

The CANopenIA-M0 starter kit contains all you need to immediately get a CANopen environment up and running:

  • USB to CAN adapter with related software
  • CANopenIA-M0 evaluation board with COIA-M0 module and product CD
  • Wall power supply and all needed cables for wiring

The evaluation board included in the COIA-M0 starter kit provides

  • Two CAN connectors with a switchable terminating resistor
  • DIP switches for setting baud rate and node ID
  • 28 LEDs to signal the state of the binary output port pins
  • 28 switches to stimulate the binary input port pins
  • 4 Potentiometer to stimulate either the internal or the external ADC ports
  • 4 LEDs to signal the output voltage on the external DAC ports
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Product data sheet

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Product no.: CP-C447-TST

Use this test board to evaluate the 447izer technology based on It uses a NXP LPC11C24 processor pre-programmed with the 447izer firmware. Serial access is enabled via an USB port. A simple MS VC++ demo program communicates with the board.

To create own configurations, you need the CANopen Architect software. To load a configuration into the device, you need a PEAK CAN interface. These are bundled in the 447izer starer kit.

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