Product no.: ESS-COIA-STB

The CANopen SoM System on Module CANopenIA-M0 provides

  • USB Mini Connector with FTDI Uart for power supply and Remote Access
  • One CAN connectors with a switchable terminating resistor
  • 4 LEDs via jumper cable connectable to output port pins
  • 2 switches via jumper cable connectable to input port pins
  • CANopenIA-M0 module
  • 4*12 header pins from module, marked
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Product no.: ESS-COIA-M0

Ten or more modules, without sockets.

The CANopen SoM System, on Module CANopenIA-M0 allows integration of the CANopen functions in user’s hardware. The module can easily be integrated into the user’s hardware with a two row 48 pin connector. Components can be placed under the module on the main PCB.
The module includes the CANopen SoC System on Chip, the clock generation, the EEPROM to store the setup data and two LEDs to signal status and error information according to the CANopen specification. The connector has 1.27mm grid with two rows of 24 pins each...

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Product no.: ESS-COIA-M0-SOSMT-20

For COIA-M0-MOD modules, matching 1.27 mm pitch 24-pol. SMT female headers for surface mount.

Replaces Samtec RSM-124-02-L-S.

Set of 20 pcs., sufficient for 10 modules.


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(version: full version, single user license)

Electronic Datasheet creation and editing tool for CANopen and CANopen FD. Create and edit electronic datasheets and device configuration files. Check electronic datasheets for correctness.

Our software includes one year of support (by email) and updates (download from our server using an activation code). Direct extensions (extension starts with the end of the previous support period) are available for one, two or three years.

More information at and Youtube Playlist CANopen Architect

version: full version, single user license
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