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Product no.: KIT-COIAM0

The CANopenIA-M0 starter kit contains all you need to immediately get a CANopen environment up and running:

  • USB to CAN adapter with related software
  • CANopenIA-M0 evaluation board with COIA-M0 module and product CD
  • Wall power supply and all needed cables for wiring

The evaluation board included in the COIA-M0 starter kit provides

  • Two CAN connectors with a switchable terminating resistor
  • DIP switches for setting baud rate and node ID
  • 28 LEDs to signal the state of the binary output port pins
  • 28 switches to stimulate the binary input port pins
  • 4 Potentiometer to stimulate either the internal or the external ADC ports
  • 4 LEDs to signal the output voltage on the external DAC ports
1,015.00 €
777.00 *

In stock

Product no.: KIT-COPFD

The CANopen FD Starter Kit consists of a PCAN-MicroMod FD Evaluation board, a PCAN-USB FD Interface and our CANopen Magic Professional software.

The Eval board features various CANopen FD configration options that can be set, tried and analysed using the CANopen Magic software.

1,630.00 €
1,299.00 *

In stock

Product no.: ES-SFT-PCBDL

This product bundle consists of the CANopen Magic Ultimate software pack and the CANopen Magic Pro DLL for building custom test applications.

2,770.00 *

In stock

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