Product no.: FM-PSYSNET-NXP

FlashMagic is the utility recommended by NXP to program the Flash memory of NXP microcontrollers with on-chip Flash memory. This version includes the license to use Flash Magic on up to 10 PCs in one location of your company. The included '.NET assemblies' allow the creation of custom applications using .NET programming languages. LabVIEW 32-bit support for NXP ARM Cortex devices with VI for erasing, programming and verify.

Our software includes one year of support (by email) and updates (download from our server using an activation code). Direct extensions (extension starts with the end of the previous support period) are available for one, two or three years.

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Product no.: CBOOT-VARIOUS

Source code license, no royalties, sources for GNU and Keil/RealView compilers.

When ordering, specify microcontroller family used.

This microcontroller specific bootloader is an add-on to the existing, on-chip bootloader. It allows updating the application in the microcontrollers on-chip Flash memory via CAN/CANopen. It was developed with maximum security, reliability and maintainability in mind such as needed in subsea applications.

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